Meet Jami Robinson: Your New Content Bestie and Visual Storyteller 

Hello there! If you've landed on my portfolio, something about my work has already caught your eye—and for that, I'm all smiles and thanks! 

Ever since I was a kid, fascinated by the vibrant chaos of colors and designs, I knew the creative world was my calling. Art in all its eclectic glory isn't just what I do; it's where I shine. Design is more than my profession; it's my sanctuary. 

Whether it’s meeting tight deadlines or navigating the pressures of a new project, I find joy in the journey from concept to creation. For me, the magic is in the meticulous details, the thrill of inspiration, and the celebration of bringing ideas to life. 

A bit about me: I’m a proud Navy wife with over 25 years of love and loyalty, a mother to three incredible humans, and I've planted roots in Atlanta, though my heart carries the sunny disposition of my Orlando, FL origins. I hold degrees and certifications from the Computer Dynamics Institute and FullSail University, and I'm currently polishing my BA in Communications and Media Studies at Clayton State University. Continual learning is my mantra. Staying ahead with the latest design technologies isn't just necessary; it's my passion. It fuels my creativity for everything from everyday designs to grand events and keeps my art fresh and exciting. 

With years of experience blended with academic prowess, I've mastered the art of seeing the world through a designer's lens—differently, distinctively, dynamically

So, what can you expect when working with me? A partnership with a dash of flair and loads of dedication! 

Here's a snapshot of what I bring to the table: 

- Artsy and Classy Creativity: Turning ideas into visually stunning realities. 

- Hard-working and Self-starting: Always on the grind, delivering results. 

- Eager to Learn: Open to feedback, because growth is key. 

- Motivated Team Player: Together, we achieve more. 

- Fun and Sunny: Bringing positive vibes and a splash of Awesome Sauce to every project! 

I'm thrilled at the possibility of collaborating and crafting stories together. Let's make something spectacular! 

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McDonough, GA